Truck/Trailer/RV/Car components

Import and sales (Trading dept.)

We import high quality Truck/Trailer/RV/Car components from all over the world and provide them to our customers in Japan.
Also promise to always provide the most advanced technology, information, and products from around the world.

VR Shopping mall

Development・Operation & Management

XENOMALL is a new type of online shopping mall that makes full use of state of the art 3DCG technology.
We will deliver a new world of shopping through “XENOMALL” by utilizing the logistics experience cultivated by our affiliated company.

Overseas/Domestic Manufacturer Consulting


We provide consulting services (import/export) with overseas/domestic manufacturers, also correspond to overseas manufacturers with whom you are already doing business.

Logistics dept

Warehouse operation

We flexibly handle various operations not only inventory, such as [inventory], [sub-assemblies], [processing], and [inspection], by utilizing our group company.​